Personality Advantages

by Alexia Camfield on August 26, 2014

Would you like to know your top two personality advantages?

I always work to help my clients be able to identify their strengths. Knowing what we are naturally good at helps us identify how we can be most successful as well as what assets we can draw from to navigate life challenges. I recently was invited to take part of Project Fascination which is a 28 question / 5 minute personality profile designed to highlight which of the 7 advantages you possess. Understanding your “personality advantage” can help you know how you add value and best communicate in the various arenas of your life.

To discover your strengths go to and enter the code BL-acinspired (available for the first 100 users – a $37 value: don’t delay, since the code expires on September 1). Complete the 5 minute assessment and your detailed results will be emailed to you.

My top 2 advantages are passion and prestige which allows me the ability to connect to people and identify ways in which clients can improve and be inspired to grow.

Below is a snapshot of my profile:


This tool was developed by Sally Hogshead in conjunction with her new book: How the World Sees You. There are many valuable personality profile tools available to us that can broaden our understanding of ourselves and others. Personality profiles are often used in work environments to broaden our understanding of ourselves and others and how different personalities work together.

I was recently inspired by a family I see in my practice who had decided to take the True Colors personality inventory. Their results highlighted individual personalities in the family and made sense of relationship dynamics within the system. One of the most powerful things that I see with regards to how we can improve our relationships is for us to be able to clearly see ourselves and others for the unique individuals that we are. This perspective is the necessary foundation from which we can work together as it allows for understanding and respect over resistance and control.

Aside from being insightful, taking a personality assessment can be interesting and fun to share with friends, family and co-workers. I would love to hear what your personality strengths are! If you would like to share them you can send them to me at

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